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Friday, 24 May 2013

Random Access Memories - Daft Punk

I thought my first exposure to Daft Punk was in the form of "Get Lucky" only 2 weeks ago. Turns out, the song that brings back floods of childhood memories, "One More Time", is actually one of their creations. But this was a product of my research AFTER I had listened to Random Access Memories. I decided I wanted to listen to Random Access Memories before I properly researched anything else Daft Punk had brought to the table. I wanted to see if their new offerings' effect on me, as a Daft-Punk-Virgin (well..I thought), would mirror the effects their old music did back when it first fell on the ears of the 90's era - such an effect that their comeback was so anticipated that R.A.M became the fastest album of 2013. In a nutshell - I wanted to see what the fuss was about.

The 2 tracks that stole my soft spot were; Lose Yourself To Dance and Doin' It Right. Maybe it's Pharrell's vocals that helped me take a liking to the track because lets face it Pharrell is Pharrell and I really wouldn't mind taking up on his offer of his shirt and wiping off all that "sweat sweat SWEAT" as I Lose Myself To Dance and allow the grooviest (yes I said grooviest) track on the album to entrance me. Doin' it Right intrigues me because it's slightly distant as a track on it's own, as well as standing out from the rest of the album with it's stuttery, spaced beats it feels a bit less warmer than the rest of the album. As the penultimate track, for me it's a sort of a signal of the ending of the journey and a step back from the experience before you move into the final track, Contact, and cool down.

The best thing about the album though, was me getting something I never expected. Looking at the genre of the album described as "Electronic", my mind flicked to images of artists with the likes Labrinth and Disclosure. It therefore became a contrast to have the expectations of synthetic, futuristic, computerised beats and actually end up being hit with the undistorted and pure forms of the flutes, violins, horns among all the other instruments that hold up the the groovy (yes I said groovy again) beats seasoned with the sounds of the synths and vocoded voices. I was tricked by their robot helmets and computer Jargon related titling into thinking I was going to be hearing something quite the opposite to what in fact, ended up reminding me of something I'd hear on Top Of The Pops 2.

I like Top Of The Pops 2. I also like Random Access Memories.

Freshly Old School.

A Step Back Into The Future.



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